Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gets talked about a lot, and yet many business owners still don’t fully understand why it is so important for the success of a business. While it makes sense for a business owner to want to focus on the main part of his or her business, the trouble is that this lack of knowledge can lead to bad decisions. Everyone needs some form of marketing and advertising, and the businesses who invest seriously in SEO are simply crushing their competition in most places.

So why is SEO so important for your business? Read on to find out why!

Customers Search Online
Many recent studies have shown that up to 80% of all buying decisions involve an online search at some point or another. This means if you don’t have a website that is high up on the first page of Google’s results, then you are missing out on making your case to 8 out of 10 customers looking for your services. They’re not going to research other companies, then decide not to check out any of them.

Those are lost customers, lost sales, and lost revenue. If you’re not actively using SEO to get your website and your company message out there, then you are giving up all those leads and opportunities to the competition. The front page has ten listing spots: someone is going to get those spots and get the resulting business. Ignoring that isn’t going to help you one bit.

Word Of Mouth Spreads From New Customers
Many old school businesses still talk about the power of word of mouth, and there’s no denying that can be a powerful recommendation to drive new business…but it’s limited to people who:
1) Already know who you are
2) Know someone who needs your product or service
3) Have enough standing with that potential customer to motivate them

That limits the ability to spread a message, and it ignores one important fact: if you pull in hundreds or thousands of new customers from your website, those customers will also spread word of mouth recommendations about your company, and 1,000 happy customers are going to bring in more recommendations than 150 happy customers are.

That is how SEO even continues to help other forms of marketing.

Get The Biggest Long Term ROI
A website on the top half of Google for all your major keywords is going to keep working for you whether you are awake, asleep, on vacation, or at the job. The return on investment (ROI) is incredible. Unlike advertising that ceases the moment you stop investing if you invest in SEO to push a website to the top, it is going to stay there and keep giving dividends. Keeping some maintenance is crucial, but once up there near the top it is much easier to stay there than it is to climb to that spot in the first place. One of the places that can give you the best ROI is the seattle seo service. They are referred to as the best Seattle seo company 2017
Being where people can find you locally online means your business will always be in consideration when someone starts looking for your product or service, and that is something no other form of advertising or marketing can guarantee. Considering how easy the younger generations are with technology, this is a trend that is only going to continue in the same direction.

Get Started With SEO Today!
Social media is going to come and go, as are dozens of other forms of marketing, but SEO is always going to be an important part of getting the online attention you need to thrive. Any business that ignores this is doing so at the price of their self-induced struggles and are just inviting the competition to take off without them.