We all know that Jiu Jitsu is one of the most effect self defense tool. Hence, learning it is crucial when living in the city. We pride ourselves on serving many Seattle residence and maximizing their health and fitness. Recently, we have redesigned our studio and upgraded our facilities. The purpose of this is to welcome even more members to our club. Wherever you are, we welcome you as family. 

Experts must remember that although it is good to be strong, we must always protect the weak. This concept applies as much in life as it does in your practice.

We need SEO to promote our business, which is also the reason why we had to recreate our new website. We have been dominated by the competition around us. Even though we are the best in Jiu Jitsu, we still cannot outrank our competitor. The ability to market is so important. Even if you have the best product, you still need to find ways to promote it otherwise you will not get customers. One effective method we have seen thus far is Search Engine Optimization.